Profusion Named European Distribution Partner For Arda

Outstanding converters set new standards

By now you have probably heard about Arda Technologies’ breakthrough analog-to-digital converters. Offering unprecedented performance and sonic quality, the Arda ADC’s raise the bar on 24-bit ADC performance, and we at Profusion are now Arda’s distributor for Central, Northern, and Eastern Europe.

AT1201 spectrum

We invite you to sample and evaluate the sonic purity of these extraordinary devices, starting with the flagship AT1201. Boasting the industry’s highest dynamic range of up to 124dB, lowest THD+N of -112dB,  and a sampling rate up to 384kHz, the AT1201 is ideal for the most demanding professional and high-end audio and test & measurement applications. Providing nearly as good performance, the Arda AT12612 is a 192kHz version with lower power requirements. Both converters offer very low latency, too, at 13µs and 26µs, respectively, so they are ideal for live sound and other time-critical environments.

Superior in more than just datasheet numbers, though, Arda’s best-in-class ADCs overcome the sonic limitations inherent in currently available solutions. The noise floor characteristics of both the AT1201 and AT12612, for example, are uniformly smooth and neutral sounding, while low out-of-band noise levels maintain performance at high sample rates, with no fear of aliasing or problems downstream.

The Arda ADCs exhibit very low intermodulation distortion (IM), too, a common source of audible degradation with other converters. Time domain response was a design priority and the results are converters with essentially no pre- or post-ringing, especially at higher sample rates.

For samples, pricing, and more information about the AT1201 and AT12612, please contact your nearest Profusion sales office. And stay tuned for more from Arda Technologies. These guys are very serious…and very smart.