FXCore: The Powerful DSP for Demanding Pro Audio Applications 

The popular SPN1001-FV1 may now be back in stock, but audio designers might also be interested in Experimental Noize’s FXCore, developed by Frank Thomson, one of the engineers behind Spin Semiconductor’s legendary effects IC.

With 16 pre-programmed effects to demonstrate its capabilities (replaceable via the internal flash memory), the FXCore is a powerful Audio DSP dedicated to creating audio effects for the most demanding of professional applications.

Designers can effortlessly program phasors, flangers, chorus and other effects using the FXCore’s integrated digital LFOs, ramps and a noise generator, while 6 potentiometer inputs and 5 switch inputs allow for real time variable parameters and options such as chorus depth or number of stages in a phasor.

The FXCore’s dev tools are now available for both Windows and Mac. For further technical details visit experimentalnoize.com/product_FXCore.php, as well as further updates on the Experimental Noize forum.