Ice Bricks: The New Audio Bricks

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Recently renamed following Audio Bricks’ acquisition by Ice Power, Ice Bricks produces compact yet versatile modules designed with longevity and versatility in mind. The Engine-400 and AUX-plant are built upon a unique design philosophy, with the modules stripped-down to permit the user greater freedom in implementing only those features that are crucial to their design.

The Engine-400 is a super compact class D amplifier, while the AUX-plant is a small and highly versatile DC/DC converter that can be used to supply many different class D amplifiers with supplies for op-amps and gate drivers. These two modules are designed to make the perfect pairing.

Ice Bricks product table

Ultra Customisable

Electrolytic capacitors, input stages, supervision/control and even the output filter capacitors are excluded from the modules, providing the audio designer with many possibilities.

A small footprint and very low power consumption mean that Ice Bricks can be used in a multitude of applications.


Flexibility and Long Life with the Engine-400

The Engine-400 is a super compact class D amplifier capable of delivering high quality audio and 400Wrms into 4Ω or up to 300Wrms into 8Ω.

The module is based on the patent pending Sierra modulation design, which allows for constant loop gain in the audio band while still maintaining a first order closed loop response. This is what gives the amplifier very low distortion, and low phase shift, even at high frequency.

The customer selects which electrolytics, filter capacitors, VA+/- and VDR regulators to add to the module, according to design and/or preference.

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