ICEpower 1500S: The Universal Mains Power Supply for Professional Audio

 ICEpower 1500S

An integral part of most amplifier modules is the mains power supply. Having pioneered new Class D amplifier techniques and asserted themselves as leaders in high-end audiophile-accepted Class D amplifier modules, ICEpower have now utilized their vast knowledge and experience to develop their first separate power supply for professional audio: the 1500S Universal Mains Power Supply.

The ICEpower 1500S features unity power factor correction for optimal usage of AC power and an auxiliary power supply. The power supply provides comprehensive protection and monitoring as well as an easy-to-use control interface.

Key specifications and features:

  • Three models available, with rail voltage of ±47/±57/±69V
  • Universal mains
  • 1500W output power, 2400W peak
  • Power factor corrected
  • 60W auxiliary power supply
  • Short time-to-market – pre-approved and verified to comply with EMC standards

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ICEpower 300A2

A Series Class D ICEpower Amps

Featuring ICEpower’s proprietary ICEedge Class D chipset, the ICEpower 300A2 and 400A2 are designed for outstanding audio quality in a compact size.

These amplifier modules offer an ultra-low noise floor and a stunning 123.5dB dynamic range (300A2). The 300A2 and 400A2 can run in either SE or BTL mode for a maximum of 400W in 8Ω or 800W in 4Ω (400A2).

The 1500S Universal Mains Power Supply can supply up to 8x new ICEpower 400A2 or 300A2 DC powered amplifier modules, enabling up to 8 channels in BTL mode or 16 channels in SE mode.

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