Update: Lead Frame Shortage Affecting Semiconductor Production

Some of our customers may be aware that the semiconductor industry is currently suffering a shortage of lead frames. This is most specifically having an effect on 8-pin packages and surface mounted ICs from numerous manufacturers, including THAT Corporation, NJR and Spin Semiconductor.

In order to make sure that your design is not hit by delays, please ensure that you keep 16 weeks rolling order cover. Please get in touch if you’re unsure whether or not the shortage will impact your production.

As well as delays hitting our aforementioned audio partners, several other manufacturers have reduced stock due to the lead shortage. For those struggling to order resistors and diodes from Vishay, we can help with replacement parts from UTC. If you’re lacking sufficient power transistors from ON Semiconductor, we have Sanken’s large range of equivalents in stock.

As always, our staff will be happy to help you with any questions regarding specific product lines and potential substitutes.