Audio helps bring distant people together – and we have the audio ICs to make that happen

2020 saw an increase in remote working, and with it the demand for more efficient communication and superior audio technology. Profusion has the microphone and headphone amplifiers to help you design for an ever-changing world.

THAT1580/1583 Ultra-low Noise Mic Pre-amps

The THAT1580 is an ultra-high-performance versatile audio preamplifier, suitable for microphone pre-amps, bus summing and industrial measurement applications. Designed to work with THAT’s family of digital gain controllers, it offers a choice of 1dB or 3dB gain steps over a wide gain range.

The THAT1583 is a very high-performance microphone pre-amp, a pin-compatible and lower cost equivalent to the 1580. Both of these compact pre-amplifiers operate equally well as simple mic pre-amps using potentiometers or the range of digital controllers below.

These pre-amps improve on previous, traditional current-feedback designs (viz. THAT’s 1510 & other manufacturers’ designs) by offering a more versatile configuration that yields lower noise at low gains, lower distortion overall and higher slew rate.

Amplifier gain is determined by three external resistors. This makes it possible to optimise noise and bandwidth over a wide range of gains, as well as optimise the taper of gain vs. rotation in pot-controlled applications. In these applications the parts support the traditional approach using a single-section potentiometer element for RG, but also support a dual-element alternative that offers improved performance. Full application data is available.


THAT626x Series All-in-one Mic Pre-amp Solutions 

The THAT626x Series features 2-channel “all-in-one” digitally controlled preamplifiers with integrated ADC drivers, in a compact 7x7mm QFN-48.

The low-power (60mW) device can be powered from unipolar (+10 V and +5 V) or bipolar (±5 V) supplies. EIN is -127 dBu, while dynamic range at minimum gain is up to 118.7 dB.


THAT5171/5173/5263 Digital Control of Mic Pre-amps

THAT digital preamplifier controllers are intended for use with low-noise, analogue, differential audio preamplifiers such as the THAT 1580 and 1583.

The three controllers, together with the all-in-one solution, offer a comprehensive range of performance-based prices.

Suited to applications such as PC audio interfaces, conference units, digital video cameras, audio mixing consoles, digital audio snakes and portable audio recorders.


NJR Headphone Amps

We have solutions for home studio and conference rooms, including the NJU72040 headphone amp with capacitor-less output and the headphone-suitable NJM8830 low noise and ultra-low distortion (THD 0.000012%) dual op-amp. There’s also the NJM8068 dual op-amp for high gain, low noise, high RF immunity audio.