Lossless Multi-room Audio with ConversDigital

ConverDigital DLNA

Profusion are pleased to add ConversDigital’s line of mconnect components to our range of wireless audio solutions. The CDMCM-200, CDMCM-210 and CDMCM-2121 modules are suited to consumer electronics applications, particularly networked speakers and receivers. They allow users to access media services and stream digital content anywhere, creating a flexible and unrestricted home audio environment.

All mconnect modules come packaged with superior customer support, in the form of several dedicated smartphone/tablet apps and DLNA/UPnP software to support development of connected products. The compact but powerful CDMCM-210 offers up to 24bit 192kHz lossless audio and can be paired with the mconnect Control App for the extremely marketable “party mode” functionality.

We feel that the CDMCM-2121 will be of particular interest to many designers, as it essentially offers the complete package, with easy integration of additional connectivity to other wireless standards such as Bluetooth and WiSA. It’s a truly sophisticated audio receiver module, recommended for use in audio hubs, wireless DAC, smartphone docking audio and networked audio streaming.

For further details on the mconnect range and accompanying software, please visit our ConversDigital page. A series of eval boards and wireless development devices are also available.