Netsol: A New line of High-Performance SRAM and NAND Flash from Profusion

Profusion introduces NAND Flash and SRAM from Netsol, a South Korean memory specialist.

Netsol is growing in a market that is dominated by a few very large scale manufacturers. To achieve this, Netsol has focused on two areas in particular: very high speed memory for IP networking and video, and long life memory for products that go on and on.

The long life memory is ideal for pro-audio applications that are complex designs and have a long design life. The last thing you need is for your memory chips to be made obsolete just as your sales are ramping up.

Please have a look at our Netsol product range and try us out next time you are looking for high-performance memory. Quotes and samples are available on request.

Netsol’s product range includes:

Asynchronous Low Power SRAM

Asynchronous Fast SRAM including low power versions

Simpler interface design – common legacy design

  • Memory size: 1Mbit to 32Mbit
  • Access time: Down to 8ns
  • Organisation: x8 or x16
  • VDD: 3V or 5V nom. VDD
Synchronous SRAM

Synchronous SRAM

Higher bandwidth capabilities

  • Memory size: 4Mbit to 72Mbit
  • Access time: 2.6ns or 6ns
  • Organisation: x18 or x36
  • VDD: 3V nom.


Faster write speeds, lower power consumption, better density at lower cost/bit and higher cell endurance

  • Memory size: 1Gbit to 8Gbit
  • Read time: Down to 20ns
  • Organisation: x8
  • VCC 1.8V or 3.0 nom.