The New ICEpower 200AS2: Compact, Cool & Ultra-quiet

ICEpower 200AS2

Powerful & Efficient

The ICEpower 200AS2 is the latest model in the AS range. It can deliver 2 x 215W into 4Ω speakers from a very compact outline (158 x 77 x 36.5mm).

The thermally efficient design makes it possible for use without fan cooling, meaning ultra-quiet performance and truly wide dynamic range.  

Easy to Use

  • Fully EMC and safety pre-approved
  • Universal mains voltage input 
  • DC Bus output for powering separate tweeter
  • Auxiliary power supplies for pre-amp section
  • Short circuit protection

Order ICEpower 200AS2

Profusion stocks 25 different ICEpower amplifier modules, as well as cable kits for each, so you can find the perfect fit for your next speaker design.

ICEpower comparison chart
ICEpower 200AS1

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