NJM8068: The New Industry Standard Op-amp

The NJM8068 from NJR is an outstanding value low noise op-amp for audio, and suited to applications such as microphone pre-amps, analogue or digital mixers and audio converter interfaces.

The 8000 Series op-amps are upgraded versions of NJR’s classic parts, and the NJM8068 is essentially an improved version of the NJM2068. These improvements are both audible and functional, and include:

  • Improved immunity from RFI noise.
  • More rugged and resistant to ESD discharge.
  • The NJM8068 offers much wider operating temperature range than its predecessor, now operating from -40°C to + 125°C.
  • Low noise at 3.3nV/√Hz, meaning it’s suitable for pre-amplifiers, including low cost mic-preamps.
  • Unity gain stable – the NJM8068 models can be used as voltage followers and buffers, as well as in virtually every other audio circuit.
NJM8068 op-amp

The NJM8068’s technical specifications are all-round excellent:

  • Wide supply rails: ±4V to ±18VLow supply current: typically 2.5mA per circuit
  • Wide gain-bandwidth at 19MhzSlew rate: 6.8V/µs typ
  • Low offset voltage: 0.3mV typ
  • Low offset current: 5nA typ
  • Bias current: 260nA typ

The NJM8068 is the vanilla of op-amps as there is nothing to dislike about it. Its low noise and low price will certainly please anyone who includes it in their next design, and it is rapidly establishing itself as the new industry standard op-amp for audio.

The NJM8068 is available in an industry standard SOP8 package, as well as a space-saving MSOP8 that measures just 2.9mm x 4mm.

This part is in stock and priced at just £0.149 | €0.173 | $0.19 when ordered as a reel of 2,500 chips.

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