NJR Precision Op-amps Guide

NJR op amps

New Japan Radio has a wide range of precision operational amplifiers, with just a small selection highlighted below. They have designed their latest generation of op-amps for greater RF immunity, with revised schematics, paying particular attention to layout plus on-chip filtering. The result is less errors and noise, maintaining high performance in spite of growing interference sources such as Bluetooth, WLAN and GSM.

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NJM8512 (dual)

Ideal for high instrumentation, sample and hold, active filters, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog buffers.

  • Very low noise: 10nV/√Hz
  • High speed: 20V/µs
  • Low offset voltage from -40°C to +125°C: 700µV (B version)
  • Low offset voltage drift: 5µV (B version -40°C to +125°C)
  • Supply current: 1.65mA/channel

See the table below to compare the NJM8512’s performance to the LT1057, AD8512, OPA2131, OPA2132, OPA2140 & OPA2141.

NJM8530 (single) | NJM8532 (dual) | NJM8534 (quad)

  • Very low noise: 10nV/√Hz
  • Low supply current: <320µA/channel
  • 14V rail to rail input and output

Ideal for battery powered equipment, including instruments, active filters, and analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog buffers.

NJU7098A (single)

  • Virtually zero drift: 0.05µV/°C
  • Low offset voltage: 15µV max
  • Low supply current: 600µA
  • Shutdown function

Suitable for electronic scales, precision current sensing, thermocouple amplifiers, strain gauge amplifiers and medical instrumentation.

Comparison of NJM8512/8513 JFET Op-amps to competitor parts:

Operating Voltage±4.5V to ±16V±5V to ±15V±5V to ±15V±4.5V to ±18V±2.5V to ±18V
Operating Temperature-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C
Input Offset Voltage800μV max.400μV max.1mV max.1mV max.1mV max.0.5mV max. (U)
1mV max. (UA)
Input Offset Voltage*1400μV max.700μV max.1.8mV max.1.8mV max.– – –– – –
Offset Voltage Drift*9μV max.5μV max.12μV/°C max.8μV/°C max.10μV/°C max.10μV/°C max.
Slew Rate20V/μs typ.20V/μs typ.+25/-61V/μs typ.10V/μs typ.20V/μs typ.
Unity Gain Frequency7MHz typ.8MHz typ.9.3MHz typ.4MHz typ.8MHz typ.
Voltage Noise (f=1kHz)10 nV/√Hz typ.8 nV/√Hz typ.,
10 nV/√Hz max.
7.3 nV/√Hz typ.15 nV/√Hz typ.8 nV/√Hz typ.
Supply Current*Dual3.3mA max.5mA max.4mA max.3.5mA max. (Ta=25°C)9.6mA max. (Ta=25°C)
Package OutlineNJM8512 : EMP8 / MSOP8 (VSP8)SOP8, MSOP8, SSOP14SOP8, MSOP8, SSOP14SOP8, SOP14SOP8, SOP14
Other Info.RF-Immunity– – –– – –– – –– – –

* Over the specified temperature range

Table of drop in replacements for competitor parts

Grade Info.A versionB version
Product NameNJM8512AENJM8512ARNJM8512BENJM8512BR
Package NameEMP8MSOP8 (VSP8)EMP8MSOP8 (VSP8)
Texas Instruments
OPA2140 / 4140OPA2140AIDOPA2140AIDGK
OPA2141 / 4141OPA2141AIDOPA2141AIDGK
TL052 / 054TL052CD, ID
Analog Devices
AD8512 / 8513AD8512ARAD8512ARMAD8512BR
ADA4610-2 / -4ADA4610-2ARZADA4610-2ARMZ
ADA4000-2 / -4ADA4000-2ARZADA4000-2ARMZ
Linear Technology
LT1057LT1057S8, IS8

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