NJRC Op-Amps for Audio Applications

NJRC Op-Amps

In addition to offering the MUSES series of analogue components for the audio market, NJRC also offer a range of high RF Immunity components.

Derived from the more standard op-amps (NJM4580, 4560, 4565 etc) and combining their new RF immunity circuitry, NJRC have developed the NJM8XXX series. Not only do these offer high RF Immunity, they also give an improvement in sound quality over the original product.

NJRC have also developed a ‘cost down’ series. By utilizing a ‘die shrink’ process and a new packaging house, they have managed to reduce the cost of the more generic op-amps, such as the NJM5532CG, NJM072CG, NJM4580CG, NJM324, 358CG and many others.

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