Sanken Audio Components Guide

Over the last two decades Sanken has secured itself as one of the world leaders in both domestic and professional audio applications. Sanken’s business brings together superior semiconductor and power supply technologies to provide a technical advantage over its competitors. Working alongside Profusion enables Sanken to keep customers at the forefront of design and help to push the boundaries within audio equipment development.

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In recent times there has been much focus on Class D amplifier design, but we cannot overlook the advantages that linear designs still offer. In general, it can be said that Class D designs give better efficiency, resulting in smaller and lighter amplifiers. However, advances in linear designs based around class G & H or hybrid AB/D designs have narrowed the gap significantly. It is also fair to say that, overall, linear designs still offer lower distortion or less intrusive distortion (e.g. inter-modulation) than Class D. Faster switching components and novel feedback technologies have improved switching designs to produce some excellent results sonically, so unless efficiency is critical then both types of design could be considered on their relative merits.

Sanken’s designs offer advantages in audio performance, as their transistors use a number of technologies to deliver the highest linearity in their transistors (HFE to current) with the very best high frequency performance. In addition, they use Base Island and Multi-emitter topologies to achieve high power with high reliability, and have justifiably earned a great reputation. Needless to say, quality is an unbeatable 0 ppm failures. Other more recent improvements include TD (Thin Die), which lowers thermal impedance and output impedance thereby improving power handling, and also integrated thermal tracking diodes to stabilise biasing over a wide temperature range.

Sanken complementary power transistors

In addition to the range of transistors, Sanken also offers a range of components ideal for Class D designs.

Sanken has introduced new high-speed MOSFETs with excellent figure-of-merit ratings (RDS(ON) x low Qg), so both on-state and switching losses are reduced, which enables very compact packages to be used.

Sanken N Ch MOSFETs table

Silicon Carbide diodes and diodes with integral temperature sensors, all of which can improve Class D amplifier performance.

Sanken diodes table

Sanken cross reference table

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