Sanken, the Market Leader in Discrete Audio Power Transistors

At Profusion we are always looking to the future, and we feel that Sanken’s development on next generation products featuring Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) is something audio professionals should be very excited about. Cleaner switching in class D amplifiers results in less distortion and better efficiency.

GaN (gallium nitrade) has a breakdown electric field about ten times higher than that of silicon, and is orders of magnitude faster with operating temperature up to 1000°C.

A figure of merit is often used to compare materials with Silicon = 1, SiC = 440 and GaN = 1130, and so it’s expected GaN will eventually be the main material used in products such as FETs.

Sanken Discrete Audio Power Transistors

Innovation does not stop on conventional technologies

Sanken are still developing new silicon-based products, including the new thinner die 2SA2223A/2SC6145A and STD03N/STD03P transistors, available now from Profusion.

As you can see from the diagram below, for these transistors Sanken back grind the wafer, lowering the thermal resistance and thus increasing efficiency and power handling. This significantly improves the safe operating area and lowers the output impedance. Sanken’s proprietary lapt manufacturing process provides exceptional linearity, even at high current, with very little tail off.

Sanken die diagram