Profusion Introduces Summit Wireless Audio Technology

While consumers have come to expect persistent improvement in video quality through home theatre, far too often the quality of built-in audio is becoming compromised, with ultra-thin sets providing limited space for high-quality speakers.

Consumers serious about their home cinema setup will be expected to invest in a separate audio system. But they often run into the problem of setting up multiple speakers and, in the case of Surround Sound systems, getting as many as eight cables to blend naturally into their environment. Furthermore, it’s believed that many consumers fail to fully calibrate and balance their sound system to its environment, and find relocating speakers time consuming and/or expensive.

Summit Wireless setup

Easy to Set Up and Optimise, with Limitless Audio Expandability

Looking to the future, Profusion is proud to add Summit Wireless‘s wireless surround sound technology to its line-up.

Summit Semiconductor’s range of Wireless Audio ICs enable wireless 7.1 home theatre audio. Superior digital audio fidelity, WiSA compatibility, and such innovative features as automatic calibration ensure that consumers no longer need to hire a professional to set up their home cinemas.

  • Wireless technology allows seamless scalability and interoperability in home audio. Consumers can upgrade their system however and whenever they choose, from stereo to 7.1 Surround Sound, free from the hassle and clutter of speaker wires.
  • High quality 24bit uncompressed audio, offering the highest real-time audio rendering possible (48/96KHz).
  • Low end to end latency of 5.2ms at 48kHz, with each channel in sync and virtually no phase drift between channels, so that the sound image is reproduced accurately as the artist intended, and with no lip sync issues.
  • Automatic audio setup and single button “sweet spot” location programming allows even the amateur enthusiast to enjoy highest quality audio.
  • Up to 24 channels of interference resistant UNII band wireless guarantees no crackles, pops or drop outs; a growing concern in WiFi-congested environments.
  • Supports Blu-ray and other high bit rate HD content with patented audio recovery.

Global Standardisation with WiSA Compatibility

Summit Wireless Audio products are fully compatible with WiSA ( standards, allowing consumers to upgrade and expand their Surround Sound systems with audio components from a wide range of leading manufacturers.

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