Summit Wireless Parters with THX, Doubles WiSA Membership

Summit Wireless, formally known as Summit Semiconductor, has been making considerable waves in the audio industry for the past few years, most notably with the founding of the WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio) Association.

WiSA logo

audioXpress magazine recently reported that WiSA has seen its membership double in the past years, with the addition of 18 new brands since the beginning of 2019. THX, IAG, TCL and Savant have joined WiSA’s ranks, which as of writing includes over 60 leading consumer electronics brands such as LG Electronics, Foxconn, Xbox, Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen and Harman.

The magazine concludes that the current growth is “heavily fuelled by the Association’s WiSA Ready platform, which clearly identifies entertainment sources”. Summit’s WiSA Ready Platform allows consumers access to 8-channel wireless audio by replacing AV receivers with a more affordable USB dongle.

Summit Wireless

VentureBeat elaborates on Summit’s announced partnership with THX, the legendary audio pioneer founded by George Lucas. Now owned by Razer, THX will help bring high-resolution wireless audio to such devices as televisions, games consoles and Windows PCs, as well as tapping into the ever-expanding global eSports market.

So, pause for breathe, it is indeed an exciting time for wireless audio and home entertainment technology. Profusion is devoted to keeping its customers up to date with the latest wireless developments and products, so please visit the Summit page for further details.