Summit’s WiSA Compatible Wireless Audio

Summit Wireless

Summit Semiconductor is renowned for its wireless integrated circuits, used throughout the home entertainment and pro-audio markets.

The Summit Wireless range’s transmit technology delivers wireless 7.1 home theatre sound with superior digital audio fidelity and WiSA compatibility, and is designed to be integrated into such devices as digital TVs, sound bars, PA systems, AV receivers, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and gaming systems.

The SWM908-TX and SWS997-RX modules cater for designs that promise consumers the freedom to upgrade their home audio however and whenever they choose, and set up a multi-channel audio theatre without needing to hire a professional.

The audio quality is lossless, and stereo speaker pairing and multichannel speaker systems can be achieved with ultra low latency so that each audio/video channel is perfectly in sync.

To further explore the technical specifications for Summit’s wireless components, visit Profusion’s Summit page.