Take Control with AES70

The New Resolute DSP Module with OCA (AES70) Control

DSP Compressor - Resolute

AES70 is a recent standard for controlling professional audio products. OCA (Open Control Architecture) stems from the OCA Alliance, an international non-for-profit organisation that promotes the adoption of AES70. OCA devices are AES70 compliant, with new OCA hardware and control apps from different manufacturers working together to help users simplify monitoring, enable automation, and improve workflows.

Resolute’s RA-ES70DSP04 DSP module will enable you to add AES70 to your products, be that a powered speaker, microphone pre-amp, power amp or small mixer, and join the OCA ecosystem with relative ease. The module uses the DREAM DSP, which is easily programable and highly versatile. The algorithms available for the RA-ES70DSP04 include multiband EQ, Crossover Filters, Vocal and Spring Reverbs, Compressor and Noise Gate, plus many more. The settings are all managed over the network with OCA. An onboard web server provides rich controls for each algorithm.

DSP Design Tools

The RA-ES70DSP04 comes with all the software tools required to help you program the DSP and implement OCA controls. In addition, there is the RA-ES70DSP04-EVM evaluation board, which includes 4 channels of analogue audio in and out, and 2 channels of AES67 in and out – ideal for developing networked audio products.
For small manufacturers lacking their own control protocol, there is no point re-inventing the wheel when the OCA offers one with many years of multi-vendor development, that is completely scalable and open.
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