THAT Releases 626X Series Digitally Controlled Microphone Preamplifiers

THAT Corporation’s 626x family of 2-channel programmable-gain preamplifiers with integrated ADC drivers are low noise with very low power consumption.

THAT describes the series as “the first integrated microphone preamplifier to fully bridge the gap from XLR to ADC. It’s the whole front-end on a chip and, it uses 10 times less power than alternative solutions.”

The THAT626X pre-amps are suited to such applications as microphones, audio mixing consoles, PC audio interfaces, digital video cameras, digital audio snakes and portable audio recorders.

Other features include:

  • THAT626XLow noise: -127dBu Ein (max gain)
  • Wide gain range: -8 dB to +34 dB
  • Very low power 30 mW per channel
  • Integrated ADC driver
  • Unipolar +10V or bipolar +/-5V power supplies
  • Daisy-chainable SPI Interface
  • Click-less gain switching
  • On-board zero-crossing detectors (ZCDs) for up to two synchronised general-purpose outputs (GPOs) per channel

We currently have the THAT626X series’ three products available to order today from our website: the THAT6261 (1dB per step), THAT6263 (3dB per step), and THAT6266 (6dB per step).

To further discuss these parts or inquire about ordering a motherboard, please contact us today or visit the site.