New Lower-Cost Preamp from THAT Corporation

THAT1583 Expands Options for Mic Pres, Summing Amps, Instrumentation

When it comes to IC microphone preamps, nobody innovates like THAT Corporation. THAT’s ground-breaking THAT1570 remains the standard for high performance in a current-feedback amplifier suitable for differential mic pre and bus summing applications. Now, THAT has released the reduced-cost THAT1583, giving designers another option for incorporating the reliability, manufacturability, ease of design, and excellent sound quality these preamps represent.

THAT 1583

Like the THAT1570, the 1583 mates perfectly with THAT’s series of Digital Preamplifier Controller ICs to produce an optimized, digitally controlled preamplifier. As well, the 1583 improves on traditional current-feedback designs by offering a more versatile configuration that can yield lower noise at low gains, lower distortion overall, and higher slew rate.

The THAT1583’s pro-quality specs include:

  • Low noise (1.9 nV/root-Hz @60 dB gain)
  • Low THD+N (0.001% @ < 40 dB gain and 0.006% @ 60 dB gain)
  • Wide Bandwidth (1.7 MHz @ 40dB gain)
  • High Slew Rate (50 V/micro-sec)

All this with a low current draw of 7.0 mA typical. Gain is adjustable from 0 to >60 dB and the THAT1583 comes packaged in a space-saving QFN16 package.

For more information about the THAT1583 and other solutions from THAT Corporation, contact a Profusion sales office near you.