Wireless Speaker Audio with WiSA Ready* Sources

Immersive, hi-fidelity, wireless sound technology for home entertainment systems with WiSA compliant Summit Transmitters and Receivers from Profusion.

Summit Wireless

With a rapidly growing WiSA ecosystem including many of the worlds leading consumer electronics companies Summit estimates that up to 60 million WiSA Ready* platforms will be seen in the market in 2019. 

Manufacturers of intelligent active speakers can make their speakers WiSA compatible by implementing Summits receiver modules. WiSA Certified intelligent speakers, with the addition of a Summit WiSA USB Transmitter, provide seamless synchronization with WiSA Ready* devices such as smart TVs, preamplifiers, PCs and gaming systems like Xbox to enable ultra-low-latency and hi-fidelity sound.

Wireless audio living room

Summit WiSA Technology highlights:

  • 24bit, 96kHz uncompressed audio
  • Ultra-low fixed latency, 2.6ms at 96kHz or 5.1ms at 48kHz
  • No drop outs. Operates in the uncongested U-NII 5GHz spectrum with up to 24 RF channels available.
  • DFS – Dynamic Frequency Selection. Constantly monitoring for free channels. At any disruption transmission jumps seamlessly and with no audible effects to a free channel.
  • Guaranteed room operation, 9m x 9m.
  • Scalable from 2.0 to 7.1

For more detailed information please view our Summit page or contact us.

* “WiSA Ready” is the certification for sources that are capable of working with a Summit WiSA USB Transmitter to send audio directly to WiSA Certified speakers.