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NEMFXSC-RDC-REFEXT NemFX SC Reverb, Delay and Chorus Demo

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  • 1/4" Line Input & Output
  • Effect Level Control Knob
  • Dry Signal Enable Switch
  • Program Select Knob
  • Parameter Adjust Knobs
  • Tap Tempo Switch
  • Signal, Clip, and Tap Tempo LEDs

Full description

The NemFX SC Reverb, Delay, & Chorus Reference Design is an excellent means for evaluating the popular NemFX SC Digital Multi-Effects Chips.

This version demonstrates how to use the NemFX SC in External CODEC Mode by connecting it to a low cost 24-bit 105 dB Dynamic Range Audio CODEC. Standard 1/4" Line Input and Output enable easy connection to commonly available signals.

The Program Select and Parameter Adjust Knobs provide for easy, complete control of the Chip.

Signal, Clip, and Tap Tempo LEDs clearly indicate what is going on.

The Effect Level Knob and Dry Signal Enable Switch allow quick experimenting with wet/dry mix levels.

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Features | Pricing | Description | Datasheet datasheet

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