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SAM5916B High-performance Keyboard Synthesizer

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Technical specifications

Supply Voltage (maximum)3.6V
Number of Effects 
ApplicationsHigh-end digital piano, High-end keyboards, Sound modules
Number of Inputs16
Number of Outputs16

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  • Up to 256 voice Polyphony (with effects)
  • Dream DSP Array of 16 new 24bit/56bit DSP cores (P24XT) supporting 56bit MAC operations (800M MAC/sec)
  • New speed optimized 16bit CPU (P16XT)
  • Built-in 1kbit eFuse for configuration and security (program code and sound bank protection)
  • Built-in configurable fast Data/Effect RAM up to 48Kx24 (or 72Kx16), + 32Kx24 DSP RAM
  • Built-in configurable fast Program Code/Cache RAM, on-the-fly code decryption
  • Multi-channel DMA for fast data transfers to external memories
  • Two USB 2.0 High Speed ports
  • Up to 16 Audio channels IN, 16 Audio channels OUT (digital)

Full description

The SAM5916 is the highest performance member of Dream's SAM5000 family, featuring sixteen 24-bit DSPs in a 216-pin LQFP package. It boasts two separated high-speed memory ports, large copy-protected sound banks and 256-polyphony high quality sound synthesis.

The SAM5916 offers a large variety of parallel or low pin count memory interfaces, and like all SAM5000 Integrated Circuits it is built around Dream's optimized 16-bit CPU and a configurable array of hardware accelerated 24-bit DSP cores. With a sophisticated sample buffering system, multi-channel audio DMA and support for a large variety of memory types, the SAM5000 ICs deliver high performance sound synthesis, audio processing and effects generation.

The SAM5916's proficiency at high-class effects generation makes it ideal for such audio applications as: high-Range digital pianos, keyboards and sound modules.

Moisture sensitivity level: 3
RoHS 3 (EU 2015/863)

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