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Power Amplifiers

The ALC series of amplifiers have integrated ZVS-based power supplies and are jumper-settable to 115V or 230VAC.

The AMS series of amplifier modules is based on Anaview's patented AMS architecture where nonlinearities are corrected in parallel with the class D output stage. The AMS modules also contain auto ranging universal mains and extensive diagnostics.

Part Number ManufacturerChannelsPowerNote 1Power into BTLNote 2THDDynamic RangeBandwidthInputStand-byAux SuppliesAC InputPackageCommentsData Sheet
ALC0100-2300 ANAVIEW250W@1% THN+N 4Ω100W@1% THD+N 8Ω0.01% 60kHzAnalogue8V @ 25mA±14V@ 600mAjumperALC0100 ALC0100-2300 datasheet
ALC0180-2300 ANAVIEW290W@1% THN+N 4Ω180W@1% THD+N 8Ω0.025% 60kHzAnalogue8V @ 20mA±14V@ 300mAjumperALC0180 ALC0180-2300 datasheet
ALC0300-1300 ANAVIEW1350W@1% THD+N 4Ω  0.01% 60kHzAnalogue8V @ 20mA±14V@ 300mAjumperALC0300 ALC0300-1300 datasheet
ALC1000-1300 ANAVIEW11,000W@1% THD+N 4Ω1,000W@1% THD+N 4Ω0.1% 47kHzAnalogue8V @ 20mA±18V @ 300mA jumperALC1000 ALC1000-1300 datasheet
AMS0100-2300 ANAVIEW250W@1% THD+N 4Ω120W@1% THD+N 6Ω0.007%115dB100kHzAnalogue5.5V @ 200mA±14V @ 600mAautoAMS0100 AMS0100-2300 datasheet
AMS1000-2600 ANAVIEW2500W@1% THD+N 4Ω900W@1% THD+N 4Ω0.025%115dB70kHzAnalogue5.5V @ 200mA±17V @ 600mAautoAMS1000 AMS1000-2600 datasheet
SDV1025-600 ECOTEC            SDV1025-600Mono driver boardSDV1025-600 datasheet